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Stainless Steel Bird Spikes


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Hard Plastic Molded Bird Spikes

10 reviews for Bird Spikes | Plastic Bird Spike Strips – per 50cm

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    We have had swarms of swallows, sparrows and pidgins setting up shop on our back railing for years. The ness they left needed to be cleaned up so often, I started leaving the power washer in the backyard. These spikes were EXACTLY the right size and we haven’t had a bird back there for weeks. I’m mad at myself for not getting these sooner. Outstanding product!

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    Like the way that it has section. Put them under my garage and the birds have stopped building their nests. Easy to put up. Great product.

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    purchased this because a bird was using my mailbox as a toilet. I used double sided Gorilla Tape to attach these to the top of the mailbox, and the Bird had to find facilities elsewhere. Solved a problem we have been dealing with for over a year. Couldn’t be happier.

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    I’ve mounted mine along the backside of a pergola to prevent doves from nesting. So far things are wonderful.

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    Works perfectly! arrived fast, and real easy to use. Definitely recommend

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    Love this item and so far seems to be working good.

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    I put these in the window wells to keep the stray cats from using the window as well as the letter box. Definitely recommend.

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    Like everything about bird spike. Easy to install ( I used double sided tape I already had) and…. It works… I sit on my balcony a lot and have observed that the birds fly around the posts but no longer sit on the railing and drop bird poop on my balcony tiles

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    This product is a good bird deterrent. Now I can enjoy seeing the birds at my feeder and not have to keep cleaning their mess off the porch. I recommend this product for deterring birds.

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    I bought these to keep my cats away from our new windows recommend these for anyone trying to keep smaller animals off/away from specific areas.

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