It works. After 2 weeks – the situation on the balcony got better. They still try to arrive, but no parties and love shack building attempts) and arriving much less. Before that there was a risk of a party club creation with no birth control space under the air-con box.))

Bird repellent gel is a sticky, invisible, safe bird deterrent application that is easy to apply with a standard caulking gun

Easy to apply non-toxic petroleum-based clear formula can be used in any weather, indoors or outdoors


Bird Proof Gel | Bird Repellent Gel | Bird Deterrent Application


A Variety Of Sizes to Choose From

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Gel repels all birds including pigeons, seagulls and gulls, starlings, house sparrows, and many more. By preventing birds from staying the messes they cause is eliminated, saving building aesthetics and required clean-up.

  • Long-Lasting gel formula discreetly repels birds
  • Prevents pest birds from roosting
  • Easy to apply and maintain
  • Non-Toxic formula won’t damage buildings or harm other animals
  • 12 tubes covers 40 linear metres
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How It Works

Bird Proof Gel is a sticky, invisible, safe repellent that is best used on ledges, window sills, gutters, beams, signs, and more. The gel makes things sticky and unpleasant but does not harm birds and is completely humane. “Liquid Spikes” are discreet and low-profile, and is completely invisible from below after Installation.

Pests Repelled

Gel repels all birds including pigeons, seagulls and gulls, starlings, house sparrows, and many more. By preventing birds from staying the messes they cause is eliminated, saving building aesthetics and required clean-up.

Where to Use

Non-toxic petroleum-based clear formula can be used in any weather, indoors or outdoors. Ideal for use on rooftops, ledges, signs, window sills, gutters, beams, rafters, railings, around window-mounted air conditioners, light poles, cornices, ornamental copings, or any surface where birds roost, nest, or perch.


Easy to apply with a standard caulking gun, Bird Proof Gel may be applied in straight or wavy lines to cover surface space. Gel lasts an average of a full year or longer, depending on the weather; very hot weather will require more frequent application. Be sure to follow the instructions on the package so as to apply the proper amount; applying too much or too little may cause problems. Twelve (12) cartridges will cover 40 linear metres
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How does Bird Proof Gel work to deter birds?
Bird Proof Gel creates an uncomfortable surface for birds to land on. It’s a non-toxic, sticky substance that discourages birds from roosting or perching on treated areas.
Can Bird Repellent Gel be used on outdoor surfaces?
Yes, Bird Repellent Gel is suitable for outdoor use and can be applied to various surfaces such as ledges, roofs, and signs to prevent birds from congregating.
Is Bird Deterrent Application a long-lasting solution for bird control?
Bird Deterrent Application, when properly applied, can provide long-lasting bird control, often remaining effective for several months before needing reapplication.
Is Bird Proof Gel safe for the environment?
Yes, Bird Proof Gel is environmentally friendly and does not harm birds or other wildlife. It’s designed to create a humane deterrent.
Can I apply Bird Repellent Gel myself, or do I need professional assistance?
Bird Repellent Gel can be applied as a DIY solution. Many homeowners and businesses choose to apply it themselves to save on installation costs.
Is Bird Deterrent Application suitable for both residential and commercial properties?
Yes, Bird Deterrent Application is versatile and can be used in residential homes, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities to deter birds.
Does Bird Proof Gel have any odor?
Bird Proof Gel is typically odorless, making it a discreet option for bird control, especially in areas where odors could be a concern.
Can Bird Repellent Gel be used on plants or trees to protect crops?
Bird Repellent Gel is not recommended for use on plants or trees as it may harm vegetation. It’s best used on non-vegetative surfaces.
How long does it take to apply Bird Deterrent Application to an average-sized building?
The time required for Bird Deterrent Application varies based on the size and complexity of the building. A professional installer can provide an estimate.
Is Bird Proof Gel effective against all bird species?
Bird Proof Gel is effective against a wide range of bird species, including pigeons, seagulls, and sparrows. However, its effectiveness may vary based on the specific bird and environmental conditions.


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