Keeps birds off my pagoda which is awesome. Simple to attach with screws in this case. Can be cut down into smaller sections. I’ve used the all plastic style before but this is much more effective. Big Birds, small birds, cats – they all stay off now. Recommended.

Pest spike strip for fences the perfect solution to protect your fence from pests & rodents
Made of quality stainless steel, they can withstand any weather and will not rust

Fence Spikes | Pest Spike Strips For Fences | Fence Repellant Spikes

Original price was: د.إ65.Current price is: د.إ26.

per 50cm strip

NO MINIMUM - Order just the number of strips (50cm lengths) you need

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Prevent Pest Birds & rodents from your fence….

DIY and easy to install marine grade stainless steel spikes provides 100% protection on rooftops, ledges, fences, and more and require zero maintenance and can last a lifetime.


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NO MINIMUM - Order just the number of strips (50cm lengths) you need

Original price was: د.إ65.Current price is: د.إ26.

per 50cm strip

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Efficient Protection

Fence repellent spikes Imitate the spiky structure to effectively keep away birds and other animals from causing harm to them.

Stainless Steel Material

the fence spikes are made of quality stainless steel, they can withstand any weather and have no easy rusting or loosening.


Easy to Install

Fence repellent devices is provided with holes to facilitate the fixation of bird nails on a flat surface with double-sided tape, cable ties, screws, etc.

Widely Used

Fence spikes installed on fences, windowsills, roofs, eaves, balconies, terraces beams and other areas.


  1. Prevent pigeons, indian mynas, sparrows, starlings and other pest birds from perching on your property.
  2. Great for any surface and application.
  3. Long-lasting polycarbonate base and stainless steel spikes provides years of maintenance-free protection.
  4. Easy to install – Attach quickly with UV stabilised silicon adhesive, nails, screws, cable ties, etc.
  5. Transparent Polycarbonate base – is practically invisible.
  6. Flexible – Mount easily on curved. flat or irregular surfaces.
  7. Non-lethal and Environmentally friendly. Bird Spikes do not harm or injure birds.
  8. Economical and lightweight – Sturdy polycarbonate base does the same job as stainless steel at a fraction of the cost.


  • Material: Polycarbonate base and stainless steel wire
  • Wire Diameter of Spike: 1.3mm
  • Length of spike: 115mm
  • Spike Quantity Per Metre: 60 spikes
  • Protection Width: 70mm (spike tip to tip)
  • Base Size: 500mm (L) x 23mm (W)
  • Bird Species – Pigeons, gulls, starlings, indian myna birds, sparrows
  • Bird Activity – Day-time perching, night-time roosting and some nesting areas.
  • Infestation – From light to heavily infested areas.
  • Substrate – Masonry, Steelwork (stainless and galvanised), lead, PVC, PPC, ceramic tiles, glass
  • Installation – Using a suitable UV stabilised silicon adhesive or clip is critical to increasing life expectancy.
  • Visibility (wires) – Stainless steel bird spikes are far less visible than plastic bird spikes
  • Visibility (base) – Low profile base (5mm high) will not be seen from the ground level looking upwards
  • Base Colour – Transparent clear base blends well with most surfaces irrespective of the surface colour
  • Install Time – Quicker to install than other bird deterrent systems saving you time and money
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How do Fence Spikes work to deter pests from my property?
Fence Spikes use pointed elements to deter pests, such as birds and intruders, from perching or climbing on your fences, providing an effective barrier.
Can Pest Spike Strips be installed on all types of fences?
Yes, Pest Spike Strips for fences are versatile and suitable for various fence types, ensuring effective pest and intruder control.
Are Fence Repellant Spikes safe for animals and pets?
Yes, Fence Repellant Spikes are designed to deter pests and intruders without causing harm to animals or pets, offering a humane solution.
Do Fence Spikes require professional installation?
No, Fence Spikes are typically easy to install and can be secured using adhesive, screws, or cable ties, making them suitable for DIY installation.
Can Pest Spike Strips be painted to match the color of my fences?
Many Pest Spike Strips for fences can be painted to match the color of your fences, ensuring they blend in seamlessly with your property’s aesthetics.
How long do Fence Repellant Spikes last?
Fence Repellant Spikes are built to be durable and provide long-term pest and intruder control for your fences, offering lasting peace of mind.
Can Fence Spikes be used on walls and ledges?
While Fence Spikes are primarily designed for fences, they can also be applied to walls, ledges, and other surfaces to deter pests and intruders effectively.
Do Pest Spike Strips damage fences or surfaces?
No, Pest Spike Strips are designed to be non-damaging to fences or surfaces when properly installed, ensuring they do not harm your property.
Can Fence Repellant Spikes be removed and reused if needed?
Yes, many Fence Repellant Spikes are designed to be removable and reusable, offering flexibility in case you need to reposition or access your fences.
Are Fence Spikes noticeable once installed?
Fence Spikes are typically discreet and blend in with most fence designs, maintaining the visual appeal of your property while providing effective pest and intruder control.


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